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Within the west south xidan shopping centre, north to lingjinghutong wool hutong, north and south long 1600 hutongs characteristics of rice, to xidan BeiDaJie as axes things hundred metres deep.As Beijing continues today, has a long history and profound cultural connotations, the current land convent xidan shopping centre formation in the 1950s to 1960s, xidan has become a city citizens, especially the urban citizens basic life to need supply center, a set of the retail trade, catering, service industry and repairing, business types in one relatively complete, supply varieties of city commercial center relatively rich.After the reform and opening, xidan shopping centre hardware facilities levels and overall function with a qualitative leap and thus more prosperous, more fashionable.

According to the National Day, immediately to the traditional custom, the people unto the feast, must not ramble bazaar, be sure to say, every beijinger no don't know, all things been xidan xidan shopping xidan shopping center didn't have, especially dozen small lives in xidan district of I, that time inevitable frequent, in hangchow xidan shopping center.Although years, as time passes by, but on the far-away xidan shopping center 1950s look, still left a deep impression on me.

Then, mainly is the xidan shopping center by a strewn at random discretion and sizes constitutes a duplicate, mall bungalows have greatly small several entrances, lying built during the channel, the irregular a a MenLianEr string together, also put a a merchant together, opened a door is a characteristic, across a passage is prospectses.Sell food, the department store, have sold to sell books, sells sports cultural goods, have sell hardware dianliao, have sold antiques, old ones entrusted businesses, restaurants tea iv. A literary play hall...Kaleidoscope of business world, everything, like a picture scroll the corridor of city People's Daily life, enjoy Beijing rendering audience.poor amorous feelings.If the fashion statement, according to now xidan shopping center is a combination of shopping, leisure, the entertainment is a body, eat, drink, and be merry one a large bamboo or wicker basket play.Roaming meantime, let a person feel very kind not only convenient, also feel relaxed and comfortable.

A clear the first impression, presumably to xidan shopping center in six or seven years old when his brother and my neighbor, is SunHuiJun eldest brother take me to, then they also is the appearance of junior high school students.

It is a winter evening, we walked into a red xidan shopping center near the cinema, from a wicket into stores.Push thick denim door curtain, the inside is a small stamp shop.The dim lamplight, have gathered some nearly the same young stamp collector, two brother opened his do stamp collection and soon and they fuses in together, mutual communication and introduce their mail status, exchanging with the stamps, both need each other each nature is cheerful with satisfaction.

Later return to a few times, will leave preliminary understanding of stamp collecting.At that time, people seem to pay more attention to collecting the stamps had built pin, and for those who purchased and used stamps don't interested, more willing to seek, collect, exchange by means of collecting stamps, more willing to enjoy this stamp collecting way with a surprise and joy.So some people have bought the new stamps postmarked from even trying to cover, make it become has used appearance.If according to in those days collecting stamps concept, measure now people through the post in the post office reservation stamps, gets a year-end counter the practice of annual inserts copies, obviously didn't have the process of "set" lack "set", obviously, the fun, also cannot call collecting stamps, and can only be called buy stamps or saving stamps.

In my three or four grade, already know and master some words in Chinese literature at the university of reading on Sunday, will be as big sister took me to the home of China bookshop xidan shopping center TaoHuan books.Could be due to often go, can also be caused by big sister wear Beijing university, bookstore old s university-his to elder sister is very attention, often active recommend and introduce new purchase books store, sometimes even with elder sister to directly compare the rare book garage choose books.Elder sister buy this book will generally take me to children's bookstore, "do you want to buy this you say" which, let me pick, purchase JiMaoXin ", "the story of martyrs square ambition the quick such a pile of books are let me very happy, also very is treasure, return to a home, tend to sigh of relief after reading, not only enriched extracurricular life, also increased extracurricular knowledge.That is, from that time on, developed with the reading habits of my life.

As the growth of the age, activity ability gradually strong, activity is more and more big, the scope of every winter and summer or Sunday, themselves are often xidan shopping center shopping alone.Food stores, poorer also feast our eyes, smell the fragrance; itDaily provisions, not interested, also is in a hurry but;Emei restaurant, only know is a restaurant, but never cross further...Only the xinhua bookstore and cultural goods counter is my crush, must include place.

1956 level, want to learn swimming, on the one hand, to the bookstore paging through the search how to learn swimming, on the one hand, to sports supplies common inquired about the price of trunks counter.Since then, began to save money.Parents give a wool, two hair lucky money not flower, put waste newspapers books sold back money also don't spend...After almost a year of time, saved a much money, again with mom to a clear purpose, BuPiao three inches, the mother accompany to xidan shopping center, bought the first thing belongs to own sports - triangle trunks.Although have the past almost half a century, but was happy mood and the scene at that counter, the display, the trunks...Still, the eye sight of one remains.

Recently, and LiuZengXi meet, feeling old classmates, not the xidan changes that talked about xidan shopping center: "at that time, let's classmates often there to get a diode, audion, come back saving transistor radio...", "do you remember, from selling cloth next to wear the past is a counter entrusted business, there are British cockatoos bike?"...Excitement among the words of past experience, reveal the deep memory and miss, vaguely and bring us back to young time, seemed connected through MenLianEr dependency in shops and stores.Opinion, that year old not only for individual xidan shopping center and, for I had similar experience, so that our generation has several generations are impressive memory, intentionally or unintentionally, tangible intangible from here to understand Beijing, begin to contact the society.

Now, after the reform and opening policy has changed the webpages xidan shopping center, like phoenix; nirvana generally show more strong and handsome figure, stood tall in its modern commercial buildings: capacious and bright business hall, wide variety of Chinese and foreign goods, such as tide such as chung's guests, beautiful ornate screen advertising...Bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that animated, a vigorous, unveils once old xidan shopping center had a good today, also portends have more brilliant tomorrow.

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