Tips For Shopping At Forever 21.

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Tips For Shopping At Forever 21.

Tips For Shopping at Forever 21.

I am all about frugal shopping. Not everything needs to be designer and expensive to be fashionable. It's more about the choices you make when shopping on a dime. One of my favorite stops for inexpensive and fashionable wear is Forever 21. The store is full of trendy clothes that will fit any budget.

A significant problem with Forever 21 stores is they are cluttered and this leaves many women feeling overwhelmed. I often get asked how I find such great pieces there when so much of it is junk. Well ladies, It is all about patience. You can't expect to fly into a massive three level Forever 21 and find all their best items. It takes time and preparation. My last trip took me an hour and a half. I have found that a lot of the gems are just what you would expect, hidden! Here are some of my tips:

1. One size does not fit all.

I normally wear a small at Forever, but not all items are created equal. For example, dresses with bustiers are not made for girls with larger bust sizes. It may mean going up a size.

2. Check zippers, buttons, and seams.

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone home only to find that the zipper does not work or a button is on it's last leg of life. Forever does not do returns. So, be smart and double check before buy.

3. Pick items that are trendy, but classic.

One mistake women make is buying very trendy items. Now, I know it is cheap, but you don't want to end up LOOKING cheap. So, pick items that are trendy, but still could be mixed with your more expensive items and look like they belong.

4. Shop Online First.

I tend to shop online first. This helps me see all the items the store may have and see it on a real person. Once I find my favorite items I print them out and bring them to the store. You can even have a sales assistant help you find them (major time saver)! You may get a little attitude, but this is their job.

4. Practice Patience.

I can't stress how important this is for me. I give myself at least an hour and I do figure eights around the store (and on multiple levels). This helps me notice things that I may not have seen the first time. I recently went looking for a dress and did not come with a picture. I circled the store a billion times looking for it. I was about to leave when I decided to give it one more try. BINGO! I found it logged between a rack full of loudly printed dresses at the back of the store. Practice patience and good things will come.

I hope these tips will help you next time you are at Forever 21 (or any large retail store) and you walk out feeling satisfied and without buyer's remorse.

Taylor Price is a fashion and style blogger. She has worked and interned for numerous fashion retailers, boutiques, and WWD Los Angeles fashion magazine. She has experience in scouting trends, assisting on photo shoots, model castings, and market appointments. Taylor now enjoys helping others learn more about fashion and style through the her blog. She also works with various social media outlets (facebook, twitter, etc) on a regular basis.

For more on fashion, style and shopping tips visit my blog at

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Tips For Shopping At Forever 21.