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How To Recycle Shopping Bags

How to Recycle Shopping Bags

How to Recycle Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags, carrier bags, or plastic grocery bags, are a common type of shopping bag in several countries. Most often these bags are intended for a single use to carry items from a store to a home: reuse for storage or trash (bin bags) is common. Heavier duty plastic shopping bags are suitable for multiple uses as reusable shopping hand bags.

Recycling plastic grocery bags, Designer Purses and plastic shopping bags is nothing really new, but I like to do my recycling without smelling up my environment. If you merely return your bags to your local grocer for recycling, they will melt them down to make new bags. This emits more pollution into the air. I also discovered that fusing plastic bags releases noxious fumes into the air and I don't think that's any better either. So, in comes the scissors.

I have used brown paper bags in the past to re-wrap boxes for shipping, but I never thought of making shipping envelopes from brown bags. This genius packaging idea reuses plastic grocery bags for waterproofing and brown paper bags to make the outer envelope. My favorite part is the stitching to close it up. No glue or tape necessary.

How we can recycle plastic bags

1. Save money by using plastic bags. Don't throw plastic bags to here and there except dustbin.

2. Wet bathing suits or towels can be transported in plastic shopping bags. The larger bags can be used to cover car seats when the kids are wearing the wet bathing suits!

3. Carrying lunches to work or school or on a field trip; there's no need to keep up with a lunch box, just throw the bag away.

4. When our boys were younger and played soccer, sometimes they had to play in the rain or on a wet field. We just put plastic bags on their feet, then put on their socks and shoes and it helped keep their feet dry.

5. Place food inside a plastic bag before packing in a lunch bag. Even containers can leak if the lid is not on tightly.

6. Use them to pack lunch.

7. Protect your surface with plastic bags when doing messy crafts.

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How To Recycle Shopping Bags