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Bigcommerce The Best Shopping Cart

BigCommerce The Best Shopping Cart

Are you looking for an e-commerce shopping cart for your online store? BigCommerce is a great platform for anyone to start their own online business. In no means, I'm saying that BigCommerce is superior with respect to other shopping carts. Below are the reasons that make BigCommerce an ideal choice for anyone online store.

1. Complete Creative Control

In BigCommerce everything being drag and drop it becomes easy for even a novice to change the look and functionality of the store. Several built-in tools are available to manage the template changes. With BigCommerce there is no limit on the design.

2. Selling on eBay

Ebay has made more millionaires than any other. BigCommerce offers integration with eBay. From your BigCommerce stores backend you can list your products for auction or sale on eBay. But it's important to schedule your products in the right way on the right time to drive traffic. eBay charges you for scheduling while BigCommerce doesn't charge at all.

3. Selling on Facebook

Facebook with more than 500 million users has become vital for an online business success. It plays a great role in driving traffic to your store. BigCommerce offers Facebook integration such that you can display a tab on your fan page.

People thus will be able to browse through your site, compare different products and checkout without leaving the Facebook.

4. Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer, a free website testing and optimizing tool by Google helps you drive more traffic to your site. Using this tool you can easily boost your revenue and ROI without spending any extra bucks.

5. SEO

Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the success of any online store. In today's competitive world it is really difficult to drive relevant traffic to your e-store. Aaron Wall, the SEO expert has single handedly audited the BigCommerce template design and structure to assure you get better online presence.

6. Flexible Product Photo Display

You can upload infinite number of products and showcase them on your store's photo gallery. Thumbnail versions of the photos will be generated automatically. You can display the magnified image of a product either in a popup window or else in a light box-style window to the visitors when they click on the photo.

7. Automated Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing will keep you in touch with the customers after they made their first purchase from you. This way not only you build up a strong relationship with the customers by offering them superior customer service but will also increase the chances of their visiting your store again.

8. Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid pace with the upcoming of plethora of Smartphone and IPads. This feature is often underestimated, but I would say that you could lose some potential buyers this way. You never know that people might use their Smartphone or iPhones/iPads to purchase products from your store anytime soon.

9. SuperZoom

SuperZoom has turn out to be a great feature for both the sellers as well as buyers. It ideally provides a clear picture of the product, giving the vendors an advantage to display their products detailing and giving the consumers a closer look at what actually they are buying.

10. Shopping Comparison Export

Drive more traffic to your BigCommerce shopping cart with point-and-click export to PPC sites like Beso, NexTag, BizRate, Shopzilla and such. It's one of the easiest and fastest ways to expand your visitor's foundation.

11. Automatic Inventory Control

How many times it have happened that you forgot to place an order for the product? It happens with me all the time. But with Automatic Inventory control I'm at peace now. This feature will keep track of your products inventory and will remind you to order for more when the stock falls below a certain pre-defined level. This is a great option for anyone running a huge online store.

12. Promotional Banners

Promotional banners are great way to attract buyers. At the same time you can also advertise special deals of the day, coupon codes, shipping discounts and so on. BigCommerce lets you create an intuitive and eye-catchy banner within moments.

By now, I'm sure that you'll be convinced with the fact that BigCommerce is the best shopping cart.

If you want your BigCommerce store designed with usability focused design, interactive user interface and functionalities, contact BigCommerce Developers today.

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Bigcommerce The Best Shopping Cart